Motorized Bicycles and folding bicycles, use Robin Subaru bicycle engines, Honda bike motors, Mitsubishi engines, tecumseh bicycle motors to help peddling bicycles, tricycles and recumbents. 
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Monster Bicycle is where to order American made Gas and electric bicycles, scooters, recumbents, tricycles, and other human powered vehicles design to use less gas or electrical power. Monster efficiency is a great bicycle.. Motorize your bike.

2625 Overland Ave. Suite C
Billings, MT 59102
1.800.652.8495, call us!


Fax 1.406.652.6803
1.406.652.6766 Outside USA

Motorized Bicycles by Monster Bicycle.  We take great bikes. Then we install performance, tires, brakes, and other bicycle accessories. See motorized bicycle accessory page. Compare prices for motorized bicycles and bicycle engines.

Packaged bicycles with engine attachments offer variable gear ratios, high performance tires, carrier racks, wind fairings, and electric light systems. Our systems are not for kids, as they dwarf electric scooters or other motorized bicycles. Besides, electric scooters and other non-Monster bicycle certified products lack the street legal aspects regarding auxiliary power for human powered vehicles. 

A monster's EDGE 

Bicycle accessories for all bikes. Quality names like Maxxis, Dahon, Schwinn, Mongoose, Miami Sun, Easy Racer, BikeE, Dyno GT, Sting Ray. Many others. We manufacture engine mount assemblies for them all. 

Patented urethane drive components reveal a great value built for street legal applications. California example: Travel at speeds from 2 to 25 MPH  or over 40 MPH with  Monster Bicycle accessories.   

At Monster bicycle you can order engines of extreme horsepower. They are considered motorized vehicles but look just like our street legal version. Want to go over 50 MPH? "Call The MONSTER" 1-800-652-8495.

All bikes or engine systems at Dimension EDGE inc are offered with a variety of gearing ratios to bias the system between climbing hills or going cross-county at high speeds. Drive ratios change out in minutes. Monster Bicycles rarely need to be licensed, yet mingle legally and safely with motor vehicles on the street. Then parked in a bike rack. That's Freedom.

It is easy to get 250 miles on a single gallon! Or climb grades over 8%! Pull trailers! Travel, see places others don't. Stop paying parking fees.

Enjoy the site. Get reliability and customer service from Dimension EDGE. And the power of Mitsubishi, Tecumseh, Honda and Robin Subaru motor technology. 

Call 1-800-652-8495, a get a free quote on a custom order. Or email

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